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Documentary / 20 Min / 2010

BERND and HARDY are living in the streets of Berlin. While Bernd has established his self in that life and believes he live closeness to nature of free will, Hardy wants to escape this hell as quick as possible. Since 17 years Bernd hasn’t slept a single night indoor. On the one hand he is afraid oft he constraints and responsibilities that would come up to him, on the other hand he knows that he can not stand the hard life on the road with his 50 years of age for longer days. Hardy who has already decided to try to find a flat, has hardly to struggle with the bureaucracy and even more his addiction to heroin.


2. Prize for best Film at Localize Film Festival Potsdam, Germany

Jasedower Filmtage



2010 / 20 Min / Germany

Production: Filmakademie Baden-Würrtemberg



Written and Directed by Daniel Andreas Sager

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