Daniel Andreas Sager is a Film Director, Journalist and Producer. He has directed Cinema and TV-Documentaries in Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kamerun, Mauritania, Mexico, Russia, Germany and many other countries. In his films Daniel brings personal stories with deep political context by means of unconventional imagery to life. His genuine affinity with people, coupled with a mature grasp of narrative, has led to individual handwriting and films of cinematic style. For his films Daniel has received international awards. 


His new film BEHIND THE HEADLINES about the investigative journalists of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and their global researches, will be released in German and Austrian cinemas in spring 2021.

As a Journalist Daniel reports for different international television broadcasters. He reported from the US-Mexican boarder about human trafficking, from Iran about the strict social media policy, from Kenya about international drug dealers and slum gangs or from Germany about corona patients in a lung clinic on the coast of the Baltic Sea. 


Daniel graduated from the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and was awarded a scholarship to study one year at the UCINE in Buenos Aires.  
Before he studied Social Anthropology and Philosophy in Leipzig, Germany.

Worked for

ZDF, ARD, ARTE, Deutsche Welle, SWR, RBB, Die Zeit, SWR2 Radio


Awards & Acknowledgements

Juliane Barthels Media Award, Germany, Category: Online, 2017

Best Film Award at the Film Festival de San Lorenzon, Paraguay 2017

Docunexion Scholarship at Documentary Film Festival of Mexico, 2016

Nipkow Scholarship, 2016

Best Director Award at the Film Festival Zimbabwe 2016

Future Docs Scholarship at Watch-Docs Film Festival in Warsaw

Best Film Award Al Jazeera Film Festival 2014

First Steps Award, Germany 2015

Best Documentary Award at Open Eyes Film Festival, Germany 2014

Best Director Award at Cine Maiubit Film Festival, Rumania 2014

Docu-Village Scholarship at the Film Festival Haifa, Israel 2013

Best Film Award at Kurzsüchtig Film Festival, Germany 2012

Best Film Award at Localize Film Festival, Germany 2011

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